21:18 / 22.07.2020
Interfering in work of teachers now punished by law

President Shavkat Mirziyev signed the law “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of Uzbekistan”.

Photo: Presidential press service

The document introduced amendments and additions to a number of laws. In particular, Article 197 of the Administrative Responsibility Code has been supplemented with a new item.

It has been established that unlawful interference in the professional activities of a teacher in an educational institution or obstruction of the performance of his or her official duties is punished by the law.

For such offenses:

1.  Citizens will have to pay a fine of 5 to 7 BCAs (from 1,115,000 to 1,561,000 soums);
2.  Officials, meanwhile, will be fined for 7 to 10 BCAs (from 1,561,000 to 2,230,000 soums).

If the same offenses committed repeatedly within one year, the fine will be higher:

1.  For citizens – from 7 to 10 BCAs (from 1,561,000 to 2,230,000 soums);
2.  For officials – from 10 to 15 BCAs (from 2,230,000 to 3,345,000 soums).

In case of such an offense, the teacher of the educational institution has the right to apply to the court without a record of the administrative offense. He or she, however, has to indicate in the statement the offender’s identity, place, time and type of the transgression, as well as other information needed for the resolution of the case.