17:54 / 27.07.2020
Several websites in Uzbekistan attacked by hackers

In recent days, unknown individuals are hacking a number of media and official websites.

Such attacks limit users’ access to the site, and in some cases, the pages provide unsubstantiated information. For example, on July 25, a false report was published on repost.uz about the death of the Jokorgy Kenes chairman, Musa Erniyazov. In Karakalpakstan, representatives of several other news websites were called to the prosecutor’s office for investigation as they shared the fake news.

It is no secret that many reputable websites around the world are attacked every day. Sites with large audiences are particularly vulnerable to such attacks. Kun.uz is also a target for these kinds of attacks almost every day. Such attacks can occur for a variety of purposes, ranging from the mere curiosity of amateur users to deliberate attempts by professional hackers.

Unfortunately, it is often impossible to determine who did it and for what purpose.

Therefore, each site has its own protection system and will be permanently protected from such attacks. However, no matter how strong the “fortress” is, there are always “savages” capable of destroying it.

So far, no website is guaranteed against such attacks. Thus, the incident with repost.uz may happen with other websites as well.

Therefore, the inconvenience caused by such attacks, as well as the dissemination of unfounded and false reports, which will inevitably be rejected after a while, will have to be duly received by readers and law enforcement agencies.