SOCIETY | 16:58 / 25.05.2021
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Hackers again attack officials’ Telegram account

Attempts to hack Telegram accounts of employees continue.

During the past month, there have been repeated attempts to hack Telegram accounts belonging to 3 people working for

Surprisingly, in the process, in violation of the mandatory rules of the Telegram messenger, neither the account nor the phone number of the account holders ( employees) received a confirmation code.

Attempts by unknown individuals to access the Telegram accounts of the next two employees were successful. Access to the employee’s Telegram account took place at midnight, more precisely between 01:30 and 04:00 (until the employee realized it), hackers had time to review his personal correspondence.

On the night of May 11, an attack on the Telegram account of another employee was observed. Another attempt occurred at around 01:30, however, it failed due to the activation of the two-step authentication function of the Telegram messenger. This employee called the mobile operator for comment on the absence of a confirmation code on the phone number, but company employees could not explain the situation.

Moreover, the same employee’s Gmail account was hacked, but his Telegram account did not suffer damage as it was not connected to the e-mail.

In April of this year, the editorial office sent a request to the Ministry of ICT to check the status of access to the employee’s Telegram account by unknown users. The appeal is currently being considered by the responsible department of the ministry.

In this regard, we ask the departments responsible for the protection of citizens of Uzbekistan from cyber-attacks to provide practical assistance in identifying the person(s) who committed these acts.

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