11:32 / 10.08.2020
Banks in Uzbekistan increase exchange rate of US dollar 

The sales rate of the US dollar has increased on average by 30 soums in banks.

Photo: Bilawal Arbab / EPA / ТАСС

Several banks in Uzbekistan on Monday morning, August 10, raised the exchange rate of the US dollar, Spot writes.

Most of the banks are buying the US currency for 10,200 soums and offering it for sale for 10,280 soums. Only yesterday, the rates were 10,200 and 10,250 respectively.

At the time of this publication, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan has not yet published the exchange rate of the US dollar. On the currency exchange on August 7, the dollar was worth 10,238 soums.

It should be noted that the volume of purchases of foreign currency by the population reached the highest level in June since the beginning of the year.