12:02 / 11.08.2020
More than 43,000 students applied for transfer or reinstatement of studies

The head of the department at the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education Abduvali Kholikov informed about the applications for transfer and reinstatement of studies.

Photo: Fotolia / WavebreakmediaMicro

“We have a procedure in place for the transfer and reinstatement of studies: Resolution No. 393 of the Cabinet of Ministers. The documents were received online through the website transfer.edu.uz within the period specified in this decision, that is, from July 15 to August 5.

More than 43,000 students applied. Of these, 13,000 appeals were received from higher education institutions (HEIs) abroad and foreign and private educational institutions in the country, and the rest – from HEIs in Uzbekistan.

Citizens, who have not applied by August 5, will apply in December and next summer. If you have applied and the application has not been considered or has been suspended for some time, such cases will be definitely reviewed,” the ministerial official told at the August 10 press conference.