09:51 / 21.08.2020
Criminal group stealing 2 billion soums arrested in Tashkent

On this fact, a criminal case has been initiated under Part 4 of Article 169 (Paragraph “a”) of the Criminal Code. 

Photo: Investigation Department

 On August 15 from 21:30 to August 16 17:30, unknown individuals in Tashkent entered an LLC illegally by breaking the building’s outer window, as well as the door of the warehouse and iron fences, where material assets were stored. 

According to the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they broke the safe with the help of iron cutting equipment, secretly stole more than 2 billion soums in several bags inside the safe and in the accounting room.

On the above fact, the Investigation Department of the capital’s Yashnabad district DIA initiated a criminal case under Part 4 of Article 169 (Paragraph “a”) of the Criminal Code. 

A quick search revealed that the crime was committed by six people in a Lacetti car, the number plate of which was removed.

During the investigation, two more citizens, who were involved in the criminal case, were identified.

It is noted that the criminals are being held in custody. The stolen money was seized as material evidence during the investigation.

The investigation is ongoing, the statement reads.