23:23 / 22.08.2020
German expert: The number of new infection cases may increase dramatically in one to two months if sanitary rules are ignored

For the past month, one of Germany’s leading medical specialists, Professor Werner Behr, Doctor of Medicine, has been serving as an advisor in the Anti-Coronavirus Staff at the Ministry of Health.

Germany’s leading medical specialists, Professor Werner Behr

According to the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Health, Professor Werner Behr assists in the effective treatment of patients with coronavirus in different regions of the country.

For over a month, you have been studying the epidemiological situation in our country. What can you say about that?

In fact, this is my second visit to Uzbekistan, the first one was in May. Comparing the situation then and now, I can say that the number of new cases has increased significantly. I also can compare the situation in my country with that in Uzbekistan. The first case of coronavirus in Germany was identified six weeks earlier than in Uzbekistan. In other words, the situation in Uzbekistan now is similar to what happened in Germany one or two months ago. This comparison has its advantages, as we may apply the experience of Germany in Uzbekistan over time.

Have you noticed the difference in people’s perception of the epidemiological situation in Germany and Uzbekistan?

No, actually it is quite similar. When we analyze human behavior, people here act very similarly to Germans. For example, initially, people took the risk of contracting the virus seriously and strictly adhered to discipline. But over time, citizens became relaxed: they stopped maintaining the social distance and they no longer wear masks properly. I see a similar situation here. Yesterday I looked at the window of the hotel, young people were sitting near the fountain without masks, not maintaining the social distance.

Unfortunately, the number of reported cases of infection in Germany increased significantly at a time when people ignored strict adherence to sanitary rules. I take this opportunity to advise Uzbek people to be vigilant. If there are more of these indifferent people, the number of new infection cases may increase dramatically in one to two months. Therefore, I ask to be very careful. People should feel the responsibility.