10:21 / 24.08.2020
Uzbekistan joins another international agreement within CIS

Uzbekistan has joined the Protocol on Amendments to the Agreement of November 13, 1992, on the Establishment of Advisory Council for Labor, Migration and Social Protection of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) member countries.

The protocol was signed on October 28, 2016, in Minsk at the meeting of the CIS heads of government.
The Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations has been designated as the authorized body responsible for the implementation of international treaties within the framework of the document. Ministries of Finance and Health will assist the Labor Ministry in relevant areas. Once the protocol enters into force for Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers will monitor the implementation of its provisions.
The CIS Council for Labor, Migration and Social Protection was created to implement the followings:

• Develop a policy of reconciliation through consultation and exchange of views on important issues of mutual interest;

• Harmonization of the legislation of CIS member states and the regulation of issues related to labor relations, migration, employment and social protection;

• Development of proposals on these issues and approval of draft intergovernmental agreements.
The document came into force on 12.08.2020.