21:02 / 02.09.2020
Uzbek citizen abducted in Kazakhstan; kidnappers extort half-million tenge

In Kazakhstan, two unknown individuals abducted and detained an Uzbek national on August 24, and after some time, the victim was released, but on condition that he would pay 500,000 tenges, ATPress.kz informs.

The Uzbek citizen immediately filed a complaint to the police. The suspects were promptly detained by the joint efforts of the police and the National Security Committee. The identity of the two extortionists has been identified – they were a citizen of Atyrau, born in 1983, and a resident of Zhylyoi district, born in 1979. Officers seized all physical evidence.

It appears that one of the accused had a criminal record. He is currently being held in a detention facility and his partner is under house arrest.

The pre-trial investigation under the article “Extortion” of the Criminal Code is currently ongoing. In addition, the suspects were found to be members of a destructive religious movement.