15:18 / 05.09.2020
Ministry of Education issues guidelines for parents regarding online education

The Ministry of Public Education has prepared recommendations for parents of schoolchildren who will take classes online during the pandemic.

Photo: elorda.info

First and foremost, it is recommended that children preserve and maintain the usual daily routine (sleep and wake up in time, organize lessons, get breaks etc.). Abrupt changes in the routine may negatively impact the adaptive capacity of the child and lead to unnecessary stress.

It is important for parents to try to maintain lenient and critical attitudes towards current situation in the country. The emotional state of the child depends directly on the state of the adult (parents, relatives). The experience of other countries shows that it will take some time to adapt to self-isolation, and this is a normal process.

Parents are advised to keep calm and not to avoid answering children’s questions about the virus. However, it is not recommended to become immersed in the long discussion of the pandemic situation and its risks. “Parents are urged to consult with the recommendations from schools on the organization of distance education for children,” the Ministry notes.

In addition, it was also noted that parent should rely only on official information received from school administration.