20:29 / 13.09.2020
Third 650 MW combined cycle gas turbine plant to be built at Navoi TPP

The decree of the Cabinet of Ministers determined the measures for the implementation of the investment project for the construction of the third combined cycle gas turbine plant at the Navoi TPP with a capacity of 650 MW, Norma reports.

The document notes that an agreement was signed with the Japan International Development Agency (JICA) for the implementation of an investment project for the construction of a third combined cycle gas turbine plant. The Agency will allocate 128,246 million yen as a loan for 30 years with a 10-year grace period.
The implementation and monitoring of the project is entrusted to JSC “Issiqlik elektr stansiyalari”. JSC “Navoiy issiqlik elektr stantsiyasi” is responsible for its timely and high-quality realization, targeted use, as well as for the return of credit funds. The disbursement of JICA loan funds will begin after the approval of the project feasibility study.
The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan (NBU) will be engaged in servicing the loan on the basis of an interbank agreement. And the Minister of Finance is authorized to sign, on behalf of Uzbekistan, an agency agreement on the use of credit funds between the NBU, JSC “Issiqlik elektr stansiyalari” and JSC “Navoiy issiqlik elektr stansiyasi”.
As an exception, JSC “Navoiy issiqlik elektr stansiyasi” is given the right, within the framework of the project, to sign a direct contract without tenders with Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd (Japan) for consulting services for the preparation of tender documents for the selection of a general contractor, conducting tenders and evaluation of bids.