22:30 / 17.09.2020
Uzbekistan set to open its borders from October 1

From October 1, Uzbekistan will open its borders for road, rail and air transport, the Special Republican Commission said in a report.

The relevant resolution notes the importance of gradual easing of quarantine measures, in particular, the creation of favorable conditions for the population and businesses through the restoration of international traffic.

“Previously imposed restrictions on the movement of persons and vehicles at airports, railway stations and border checkpoints have been eased, and from October 1, 2020, Uzbekistan is revoking the ban on entry to its territory through the air, rail and road border crossing points. Existing quarantine and sanitary-hygienic requirements should be strictly followed,” the statement presented to Kun.uz reads.

It is also noted that all types of transports (including international flights and international railway traffic) will have to comply with the requirements of the Special Republican Commission, published on August 31 this year.