20:21 / 21.09.2020
Government plans to introduce effective state health insurance system  

The government is planning to introduce an effective state health insurance system.

The draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on organizational measures for the introduction of the state health insurance system has been announced.

In accordance with the document, the State Health Insurance Fund will be established. Also, the concept and an action plan will be developed for implementing the state health insurance program in the Syrdarya region for the period from July 1, 2021, to the end of 2022.

The document notes the need to develop temporary regulations on the State Health Insurance Fund, approve the temporary structure of the executive body and the composition of the Supervisory Board.

The heads of the responsible ministries and departments will have a personal responsibility to ensure the proper implementation of the concept and the action plan.

The Supervisory Board of the Fund (B.A. Musayev) will ensure the followings:

• development of a methodology for determining the volume of state-guaranteed medical care by December 1, 2020;
• development of a mechanism for per capita financing of payments for medical services included in the program of state-guaranteed medical care;
• creation of a single information system and database of state health insurance, full commissioning of the system by June 1, 2021, in a pilot regime;
• development of a methodology and mechanism for strategic procurement of medical services under the state health insurance system by June 15, 2021;
• conclusion of relevant agreements with public and private medical organizations operating in the state health insurance system until June 30, 2021.