22:37 / 23.09.2020
Media: Official statistics on coronavirus cases may be distorted

The Health Ministry of Uzbekistan did not provide its usual daily statistics on coronavirus cases on September 22.

It is caused by a critical article pointing out the errors in the official statistics of the ministry.

It is noted that death statistics began to differ from the actual situation, some confirmed cases were not included in the official statistics and the ministry stopped publishing information about the names of the deceased, their gender, age and where they lived.

Daryo.uz published an article on September 22 stating that the information provided by the ministry is far from reality, since the official statistics noted that over one hundred patients in the Tashkent region “began to recover” in just 2-3 days after the disease was registered.

“So far, the regional health department has not highlighted its achievements, but a comparison of the daily reports of the Ministry of Health shows that patients in the Tashkent region are “recovering” much faster,” the publication wrote.

According to official statistics, more than 130 people infected with the virus in the region on September 10 recovered in just 2 days and another 2 patients recovered in 3 days.

“The trend of treating patients in 2-3 days has been going on since mid-August. You can look at any 4 days in the month, compare them and be sure of it,” the article reads.

Health Ministry’s daily report does not say how many people died on September 22. Morning and evening reports said that 4 people had died, but there was no information on their gender, age and where they lived or where they were treated.

The number of critically ill patients was also not specified.

In general, the population of Uzbekistan does not know how many people are currently being treated for COVID-19 in the country’s hospitals.