20:04 / 28.09.2020
Uzbekistan Airways publishes rules of conduct during flights throughout the pandemic

Uzbekistan Airways has announced the rules of conduct during flights throughout the pandemic.

According to the press services of the company, passengers must comply with the following rules:

• Passengers must wear masks covering their mouth and nose throughout the flight (except for children under 2 years of age);
• As hand baggage, one can take a purse, a briefcase, a laptop and a bag with food supplies for babies. Other items must be left in check-in;
• The rules of social distance must be followed when boarding;
• If, during the flight, any passenger feels sick (fever, cough, cold, etc.), others should call the flight attendant. The crew is trained to deal with a passenger showing signs of illness;
• During flight, it is recommended to refrain from moving around the cabin. Before visiting the toilet, one should check whether or not it is free - no queue is allowed;
• After boarding, passengers are requested to remain seated until allowed by the crew. The exit is carried out in the same way as the boarding, keeping the social distance.

“We apologize if any of the services previously provided are unavailable. Our priority is the health of passengers and crew. Water, headphones, meals, and children’s kits are provided in individual packages. Preorder of special food, except kosher, is still available,” the company notes.

Unfortunately, in-flight magazines and newspapers will be temporarily unavailable.

“We hope that the restrictions imposed will not affect your impression of flight. As soon as the epidemiological situation improves, we will continue to provide a full range of services,” the press service of the company concluded.