21:34 / 29.09.2020
Can one catch COVID-19 twice? Otabekov answers

So far, no case of clinical recurrences of COVID-19 symptoms has been officially confirmed. The expert said that even if a relapse is observed, the disease will be much milder.

The press service of the Health Ministry contacted Nurmat Otabekov, a member of the Anti-Coronavirus Staff, to comment on reports of recurrences of the coronavirus infection.

“Before answering this question, it would be appropriate to focus on the events and happenings in the world community.

In some countries, there are reports about the recurrence of the disease. But today we can say with certainty that from the tenth day of the disease, a perfect immune system against COVID-19 begins to develop in the patient. Another aspect that has been confirmed is that the immune system formed in a person, who has suffered from the disease more severely, is much stronger.

Furthermore, there is no solid scientific data on the mass re-contraction of COVID-19 in the world.

COVID-19 is a new disease and research on its full study has not yet been completed. But it is gratifying to have solid information about the formation of immunity in a person who has experienced the disease, which is able to protect him from this disease in the future.

Even if we come across this disease again with the mutated virus or with COVID-19 after a long time, there will be information in the memory of the immune system that antibodies against this disease have been produced.

These antibodies can fight the disease. So, even if COVID-19 is recorded for the second time, it can be very mild. That is, the presence of information in the memory of the immune system that antibodies are produced creates the possibility of a speedy recovery from the disease,” Nurmat Otabekov said.