22:52 / 01.10.2020
We should learn to work with the press, not to oppose it – Komil Allamjonov

Komil Allamjonov, chairman of the Public Foundation for Support and Development of the National Mass Media, once again condemned the attempts to put pressure on the mass media.

“Any law passed in the field of the media will further strengthen the willpower of journalists and bloggers. The heavier the punishment for these professionals, the more they try not to make mistakes, work on themselves.

Creative people have always been like that. During the times of Chulpon and Abdullah Qodiriy, creative persons were also threatened with the death penalty. Did that stop them? No! They kept on working. The same is happening now.

No matter how severe the punishment is, journalists and bloggers will not stop doing their job. They become anonymous and continue writing.

Representatives of this sphere are smart, educated and patriotic. We have colleagues who keep doing their job even if they risk their lives.

As the President said yesterday, there is no future for leaders who cannot work with the press. You have to deal with it, not to oppose it.

The time has come to realize that information cannot be kept secret from the public. Now any smartphone owner can become a blogger.

We are building a strong civil society. There is no going back. This is the demand of the time!” Allamjonov said in his Telegram channel.

It should be recalled that President Shavkat Mirziyoyev spoke at an event on the occasion of Teachers and Mentors Day on September 30 about the work being done in the country to ensure freedom of speech.