11:39 / 05.10.2020
Suicide case in Namangan: BCE explains why Dedeboyeva’s funds were not reimbursed in a timely manner

On October 3, a briefing was held at the Namangan regional office of the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement under the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The briefing focused on issues related to the suicide of the deceased G. Dedeboyeva during the September 29 forced eviction. The event was attended by officials of the Namangan regional department and city branch of the BCE, the Namangan city DIA, the regional Department of Emergency Situations, as well as representatives of the media and electronic publications.

“It is known that on September 29 this year, 35-year-old Gulandom Dedeboyeva, a resident of the Namangan city, committed suicide during the forced execution and died as a result of burning.

This case has been in the spotlight of social media and the general public.

It was stated that the enforcement of the writ of execution to reimburse $13,000 (131 million 991 thousand soums) from the debtor F. Nasriddinova in favor of the deceased’s mother Muhabbat Dedeboyeva, who had to leave the house, has not been ensured.

During the briefing, officials of the Namangan regional and city departments of the BCE commented on the case.

In fact, according to the Namangan city court decision of June 09, 2020, the writ of execution on the recovery of material damage in the amount of $13,000 (131,991,470 soums) in favor of M. Dedaboyeva from F. Nasriddinova was received by the department on June 27, 2020.

In order to identify the property belonging to the debtor F. Nasriddinova, the relevant financial, credit and registration organizations conducted studies. Reportedly, no property was identified in the name of the debtor.

(There are also photos taken in the dormitory of the debtor F. Nasriddinova. Actually, she has basic needs to survive only)

On August 18, 2020, she was verbally and officially notified on the demand to pay the amounts of material damage determined by the state executor, and on August 28 and September 12, her letter of explanation on the situation was received.

In addition, during the September 2020 re-examination of the debtor’s living conditions, a resident and officials of the dormitory confirmed that F. Nasriddinova has been living since February 2020, she has no spouse and is the breadwinner of six children. It was established that the room where F. Nasriddinova was living belonged to M. Akramova’s son A. Valijanov, and M. Akramova allowed her to live temporarily as F. Nasriddinova had no other place to go.

(This was confirmed by explanatory letters received from the resident and officials of the dormitory)

A protocol was drawn up in the presence of attesting witnesses, the apartment was photographed and attached to the writ of execution.

It was not possible to ensure the enforcement of the writ of execution because all the efforts of the state executor allowed by law were ineffective. However, enforcement activities are underway,” the BCE press service told Kun.uz.

Kun.uz will continue to monitor the progress of this case.