19:09 / 08.10.2020
Rasul Kusherbayev: Yuldosheva’s case is a serious signal for us

The arrest of the chief infectious disease specialist of the Tashkent region Guljahon Yuldosheva is a very serious signal, Rasul Kusherbayev, a deputy of the legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis said. He stressed that everyone else can draw conclusions from this case.

Rasul Kusherbayev, giving an interview to Kun.uz, commented on the Guljahon Yuldosheva’s case.

“If we assess the investigation from the outside, I can say the followings: there was no need to apply a preventive measure in the form of arrest before the trial, given that she is a woman (at the time of the conversation the doctor was still under arrest, the measure of restraint in relation to her was changed to house arrest on October 6). She has young children, how can she leave them and try to escape from the court. This proves that our investigative processes are not humane, but, on the contrary, they are cruel. They must have thought that if she suffered, she would admit more charges. I myself have witnessed such situations,” he says.

On October 6, Guljahon Yuldasheva, the chief infectious disease specialist of the Tashkent region, was released from prison. She was charged with causing the death of a person from COVID-19 and embezzling 250 million soums. The measure of restraint imposed on Yuldasheva has been replaced with house arrest in accordance with the court ruling.

According to Yuldasheva’s relatives, the court ruling stated that she cannot give an interview to the mass media until the end of the investigation.