21:52 / 17.10.2020
Massive violations of rules found in Tashkent private clinics treating coronavirus patients 

Some private clinics treating coronavirus patients make serious mistakes because of non-compliance with standards, the press service of the Ministry of Health said.

According to the Ministry, a higher category pulmonologist in one of the clinics prescribed 12 types of medicines to three members of the same family: “Ascorbic acid”, “Baktazon”, “Moxifloxacin”, “Dexamethasone”, “Wobenzym”, “Trombonet”, “Curantyl”, “Loratadinum”, “Fluconazole”, “Ambroxol”, “Zink” and “Verospiron”.

In another clinic, a doctor prescribed such medicines as “Cephepim”, “Aciclovir”, “Dexamethasone”, “Ambroxol”, “Clexane”, “Curantyl”, “Cardiomagnyl”, “Verospiron”, as well as a mixture of “Decosan” + “Dexamethasone” + “Dimedrol” for inhalation.

The above-mentioned patients suffered from mild coronavirus. As a result, patients’ health deteriorated and they were transferred to the Virology Research Institute.

In addition, over the past month and a half, 17 patients have been transferred from private clinics to public facilities in critical condition due to the failure to meet established standards of treatment and overdose of antibiotics. Patients were also given various infusions.

As a result of the inspections, four private clinics lost their licenses, two had them suspended for 10 days, and two others received mandatory corrective orders.