13:48 / 17.10.2020
What names are in trend among newborns in Uzbekistan?

The State Services Agency has announced the most trending names given to newborn babies in Uzbekistan in the current year.

Photo: TASS

In the last 9 months of this year, the most popular name among girls was Soliha (1,601) and among boys – Muhammad Ali (1,582).

 It is noted that these same names were in trend in 2019 as well: 11,521 babies were named Muhammad Ali and 12,703 babies were named Soliha.

 Last year, the following names were given the most.

 For boys:

 Muhammadali (11,521);

 Mustafo (10,756);

 Abdulloh (8,339);

 Imronbek (8,244);

 Muhammad (5,659).

 For girls:

 Soliha (12,703);

 Muslima (8,365);

 Imona (7,418);

 Mubina (6,148);

 Shukrona (5,964).

 Reportedly, the name Soliha was the most popular among newborn girls in 2018 as well. 7,030 girls born in 2018 were named Soliha. 7,785 boys were named Mustafo. In 2017, the most popular names among babies were Azizbek and Madina.

 For information, the most common name in the world is Muhammad. According to various sources, there are more than 150 million people named Muhammad in the world. The name is very popular not only in Muslim countries but also in Europe.