19:16 / 18.10.2020
Ministry of Transport: Medical gloves will be distributed free of charge to public transport users in Tashkent

In Tashkent, medical gloves will be provided free of charge to passengers in public transport, the Transport Ministry said.

Previously, the Transport Department of the city of Tashkent reported that people without protective equipment would not be allowed to take a ride. In addition to face masks, passengers are required to wear medical gloves from October 19.

The department said that “this is being done to ensure compliance with the current quarantine and sanitary-hygienic rules.”

The Ministry of Transport noted that passengers will be able to receive gloves from cashiers, conductors and drivers at the entrance to metro stations, as well as on buses and minibusses.

The Special Republican Commission to combat the spread of coronavirus has not yet commented on medical gloves being compulsory when using public transport. According to the commission’s requirements, passengers are obliged to wear face masks only.