22:04 / 23.10.2020
State Customs Committee may be authorized to obtain information related to banking secrecy of companies

The draft law on amendments to the law “On Bank Secrecy” has been published on the portal for discussing draft normative-legal acts.

According to the draft document developed by the State Customs Committee, the law “On Bank Secrecy”, adopted on August 30, 2003, may be amended.

It is planned to supplement Article 8 of the law with a new item.

In accordance with the document, the State Customs Service of Uzbekistan may be granted the right to obtain relevant information on the accounts, deposits of bank clients that are participants of foreign economic activity, the balance of funds and operations, as well as the fulfillment of customs duties, if this information is necessary for the performance of the tasks assigned to them.
It should be noted that the information constituting a bank secret is provided to the client (representative) himself, his authorized representatives, as well as other persons in the manner prescribed by law.

The Chamber of Accounts and the Department for Combating Economic Crimes under the Prosecutor General’s Office shall have the right to obtain information constituting banking secrecy, if such information is necessary for the performance of the tasks assigned to them.

The Ministry of Justice has the right to receive information on NGOs that constitutes banking secrecy, if this information is necessary for the implementation of the tasks assigned to it in the field of control over compliance with the legislation in the activities of these organizations.