18:51 / 09.11.2020
UNG Petro reduces prices for AI-95

Uzbekneftegaz, which sells oil products under the national brand UNG, is gradually reducing prices for oil products.

In September, the company reduced the price for AI-92, and a little later – for diesel fuel.

From November 10, the price of imported AI-95 gasoline will be reduced from 6,600 soums to 6,300 soums, UNG Petro said.

“Our company strictly adheres to the principles of market relations, and with a decrease in the cost of goods, the price for the product will also be reduced. This practice will continue,” Mirzokhid Musayev, director of UNG Petro, explained.

In September, the company reduced the price of AI-92 for the second time in a year, to 5,500 soums per liter.