16:19 / 12.11.2020

Several mass media received official warnings from AIMC for non-compliance with set standards in their work

During the January-September period, the Agency for Information and Mass Communications (AIMC) sent 90 warnings to television and radio channels, print and Internet publications, the AIMC said in a statement.

Photo: AIMC

“For 9 months of 2020, a total of 90 warnings were sent, including 39 to television and radio (about 20 - about the activities of TV channels of the National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan, 7 – to Zo’rTV, 5 – to Sevimli, etc.) companies, 29 – to periodicals (“Ishonch”, “Sogdiyona”, “Bekajon Plyus”, to the magazine “Teatr”, etc.), 22 – to the Internet sites (to Effect.uz, Nova24.uz, Qalampir.uz, Repost.uz, etc.),” the message indicates.

AIMC is limited to official warnings about cases of offenses and did not apply any particular measure in its competence.

“Given the moratorium on checking business entities and bringing them to justice during the current conditions, the agency limited itself to verbal warnings,” the AIMC said. 

No media outlet was brought to administrative, financial or criminal liability. 

“However, this temporary approach does not mean that no action will be taken against offenders. Measures established by the legislation can be applied against those who do not comply with the relevant requirements,” the statement reads.

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