20:02 / 14.11.2020
New healthcare model to be tested in Syrdarya region

Mirziyoyev has signed a decree on measures to introduce a new model of organizing the healthcare system.

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According to the document, on the basis of the WHO recommendations, a pilot project to introduce a new model for organizing the healthcare system and public health insurance mechanisms will be implemented in the Syrdarya region.

As part of the pilot project, primary healthcare facilities are setting up medical teams consisting of a family doctor, paramedical workers who provide assistance in the field of pediatrics and services of nursing. A package of free medical services and medicines guaranteed by the state is being developed at the level of each medical institution.

A guaranteed package is provided by primary healthcare institutions and hospitals to citizens, foreign nationals and stateless persons permanently residing in Uzbekistan. The family doctor issues referrals to specialized doctors and, if necessary, to hospitals at the district, regional and national levels, in accordance with the scope of medical services and clinical protocols for each establishment. Referrals to hospitals at the national level are approved by the regional health board. Also, medical services not included in the guaranteed package are provided on a fee-for-service basis.

Monitoring of health-related indicators of the population, assigning them to healthcare institutions, maintenance of medical records, prescription of drugs and referral to health facilities according to a guaranteed package are carried out through a single electronic platform.

By February 1, 2021, the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction will approve the scope of medical services and medicines included in the guaranteed package, as well as performance evaluation criteria and the promotion of primary healthcare workers.

It is noted that the pilot project also provides for setting up a system of medical prevention and patronage, with the purpose of dividing the population into risk groups on the basis of risk factors, ensuring that the population in the medium and high-risk groups undergoes medical examinations within the prescribed time limits. Patients in high-risk groups who are unable to make independent visits to medical institutions are also monitored at all times and given medical care at home.

The President has instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to submit a proposal for the extension of the pilot project to other regions of the Republic.

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