11:13 / 19.11.2020
Antimonopoly Committee files an appeal against the court’s decision on UzAuto Motors case

On November 18, the Antimonopoly Committee filed an appeal against the decision of the Tashkent city administrative court on the case of UzAuto Motors.

The committee’s press service confirmed this report.

Pursuant to the decision of the Tashkent city administrative court of 30 October 2020, the plaintiff UzAuto Motors JSC’s complaint against the defendant Antimonopoly Committee was upheld and the Special Commission’s decision of August 19, 2020, was announced invalid.

In an interview with Kun.uz on August 26, the head of the Committee Ulugbek Davlatov spoke about the essence of the decision made by the Special Commission and the course of events.

On October 30, Judge Golib Davlatov commented on his decision on the UzAuto Motors case. After that, questions began to arise again in the public, which still remain actual.