21:06 / 23.11.2020
Gas overuse by individual consumers negatively affects its supply to neighboring households – Khududgaztaminot

On November 23, the Agency for Information and Mass Communication hosted another briefing.

During the briefing, Tokhir Turdiyev, Deputy Board Chairman of JSC Khududgaztaminot stated that gas overconsumption by individual consumers negatively affects the supply to neighboring households.

“Gas consumption by some people has sometimes reached 7,000 cubic meters, whereas according to the technical projects of gasification of these households, average consumption should not exceed 1,000 cubic meters per month,” Turdiyev said.

In his view, gas overuse may affect the nearest mahallas and even the district.

“In particular, similar cases have been identified in the Tashkent, Kibray, Zangiota, Pskent and Parkent districts”, he concluded.

To note, the residents of Tashkent started to complain about low gas pressure. Consumers report low gas pressure in the central part of the capital. In some places, there is no gas at all.

Such problems exist in almost all regions of the country.