11:14 / 01.12.2020
Tashkent airport installs self-check-in kiosks

Four self-check-in kiosks have been installed at the Tashkent International Airport named after Islam Karimov, JSC Uzbekistan Airports reported.

The kiosks allow passengers to quickly and easily go through all the check-in processes, select the desired seat in the aircraft cabin and print the boarding pass. The introduction of self-check-in kiosks is also planned at other international airports of the country.

Passengers traveling with luggage and checking in for their flight using the kiosk can drop off their luggage at regular counters no later than the check-in time.

JSC Uzbekistan Airports invited all airlines operating regular flights from Tashkent airport to connect to self-check-in kiosks to use this service. At the moment, due to the cancellation of most regular flights, only Turkish Airlines passengers have the opportunity to use the self-check-in service. It is expected that with the resumption of regular flights, passengers of other airlines will be able to use the service as well.

Uzbekistan Airports and Tashkent Airport, together with SITA, are working on the implementation of self-check-in of passengers with automatic baggage drop-off SITA Self-BagDrop.