19:04 / 05.12.2020
Complaints of citizens about housing and communal services increase by 5 times in November

In November this year, more than 90% of appeals to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency was about problems with communal services and housing, the agency said.

Photo: centralasia.news

Over the past month, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency received 4,693 complaints from citizens.

It is noted that in the last month of autumn, in comparison with October, the number of complaints increased by 2.5 times.

The number of complaints regarding problems with the provision of housing and communal services was 3,544, which is more by 5 times compared to the figures for other months of the year. Most of the appeals concern the issue of energy and gas supply to consumers in multi-storey buildings.

A record number of calls was registered on November 23 and 24, where about 600 calls were received per day through the helpline 1159, the website and e-mail of the Agency.

Consumers in Tashkent complained about the services most, the Agency says.