20:17 / 09.12.2020

Branches of Russian universities encounter problems in Uzbekistan

Legislative contradictions create certain problems for branches of Russian higher education institutions in Uzbekistan, the director of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS in Almalyk, Farkhodbek Umarov, said.

“Contradictions in the legal framework governing both financial and economic activities and the higher education system create a lot of problems for the regulation of the branch. This problem is particularly acute at financial and economic reporting,” Umarov noted.

In addition, the problem related to cadastral documentation is “inherent in almost all branches of Russian universities in the territory of Uzbekistan.”

According to Umarov, a ban on giving a branch legal status also creates many problems. “These circumstances will ultimately negatively affect the efficiency of the branches’ activities,” he stressed.

The Director added that there is a need to start joint development regulatory frameworks for subsidiaries.

Over the past four years, Uzbekistan has opened 47 new universities, including branches of foreign institutions (10 of which are Russian), and the total number of higher educational establishments in the country has now reached 125.

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