20:55 / 25.12.2020
Uzbekistan to create a special fund with $100 million to support innovative ideas and projects of youth

Today, December 25, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Youth Forum, which is being held in the country for the first time, and greeted everyone in connection with the event.

According to the presidential press service, from now on, khokims of regions, districts and cities, ministers and responsible leaders will hold regular meetings with youth.

“Khokims will develop and ensure the implementation of roadmaps for solving the problems of youth. They will report to the local council of people’s deputies on this issue every 6 months and determine plans for the next six months,” the President said.

Also, professional training and business training for unemployed young people will be organized within the framework of the “Youth: 1+1 program”.

In addition, an initiative was put forward and received active support from business people to assign one unemployed young person to one entrepreneur according to the principle “Every entrepreneur – supporter of youth”. Mirziyoyev approved this initiative, thanks to which at least 500 thousand young people may be provided with jobs in 2021.

The President announced the creation of small industrial zones of youth in the regions based on the experience of free economic zones. These industrial zones will host business projects for young people.

A special fund will be created under the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade to finance innovative ideas and projects of youth, to which $100 million will be allocated. In such industrial zones, production facilities will be built, which then be provided to young people on preferential terms of rent and leasing.

“Today, many young people set an example to their peers and are actively involved in projects to improve our society. However, there are those who find it difficult to find their place in life, who go astray, who need help. Therefore, it is necessary to create an electronic platform “Appeal of Youth” to establish a direct dialogue between young people and officials,” the President said.