12:34 / 28.12.2020
Seowon University to establish a branch in Nukus

Ambassador of Uzbekistan to South Korea, Vitaly Fen, participated in a number of meetings, negotiations and discussions during his stay in Karakalpakstan, the Dunyo IA informs.

Photo: Dunyo information agency

At a meeting with the Chairman of the Jokargi Kenes of Karakalpakstan, Murat Kamalov, and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Kahraman Sariev, the Ambassador discussed the issues of cooperation with South Korean companies and organizations in the trade-economic, investment, financial, technical and cultural-humanitarian spheres.

In order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of food products and expansion of export volumes, Karakalpakstan will build modern greenhouses in Nukus and the Nukus district with the participation of “Myungsung Placon Co., Ltd.”, introducing advanced South Korean technology on a total area of 40 hectares. The relevant agreements with the South Korean side totaling $20 million have been signed by the khokims of Nukus and the Nukus district.

At the same time, field research has shown that Karakalpakstan’s greenhouses require professional personnel to manage them and to increase efficiency and yield. Therefore, the khokimiyat reached an agreement with the South Korean company “iRU Co., Ltd.” on the establishment of a center in Nukus for training personnel for the greenhouse farm, as well as the construction of modern greenhouses for use in the training process.

In addition, given the urgent need for highly qualified personnel in the sphere of agriculture, an agreement was reached with the leadership of Seowon University to create its branch in Nukus, providing for the opening of faculties of agriculture, ICT in the agricultural sector, preschool education and the Korean language. It is expected that online negotiations with partners from South Korea and the signing of the basic document will take place on December 30 this year.

During a meeting with the Minister of Pre-school Education, Jumagul Usnatdinova, it was proposed to attract leading South Korean companies to build 10 pre-schools (on a PPP basis) in Karakalpakstan to promote the best practices of the Korean pre-school education system.