16:33 / 15.01.2021
Uzbekistan starts the process of transferring entrepreneurs to online cash registers 

The number of online and virtual cash registers business entities have installed reached 106,366 on January 13.

From January 1, 2021, Uzbekistan has started the third stage of introducing modern information technologies into the accounting system, the State Tax Committee reported.

In 2021, it is planned that all business entities will switch to using online cash registers. It is noted that their annual turnover (revenue) at the end of last year exceeded 100 million soums. As of January 13 of this year, entrepreneurs have already installed 106,366 online cash and virtual cash registers.

Currently, two new TECs have been added to the register: Regos: VCR and Tactilion P2000L, as well as the National Interbank Processing Center (NIPC) of the National Bank (Milliy banklararo protsessing markazi), which will provide services to new Ingenico online cash registers, has been added.

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