13:30 / 27.01.2021
Gasoline prices expected to rise from February 1

From February 1, 2021, the excise tax on petroleum products will increase.

Photo: REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

The increased tax rates for some petroleum products will be:

• 240,000 soums for 1 ton of AI-80 gasoline (currently, 200,000 soums);
• 275,000 soums for 1 ton of AI-92, AI-93 and AI-95 gasoline (currently, 250,000 soums);
• 240,000 soums for 1 ton of diesel fuel (currently, 200,000 soums).

Earlier, it was reported that due to the pandemic, some excise tax rates set in the national currency would increase in February 2021, as they were not increased in April-May 2020.

In accordance with the changes, AI-80 gasoline, which is popular in the country, will be more expensive by 127,050 soums per ton (146,108 soums including VAT) or 95 soums per liter (110 soums including VAT).

For information, in 2020, the country produced 1 million tons of gasoline.

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