17:46 / 06.02.2021
Exploded residential building in Bukhara was constructed illegally – Ministry

The residential building that recently exploded in Bukhara was constructed illegally, not taking into consideration the warnings, says the Ministry of Construction.

According to the ministry, 12 people were injured in the incident, one of them is in critical condition. The multi-storey house was built without the approval of the town planning council.

The residential building was constructed by WHITE GROUP TRADING LLC, headed by Jamshid Karomatov. The initial project indicated that the multi-storey house would have 7-8 floors. However, another floor was added during construction to make it a 9-floor building.

The construction inspectorate sent letters to the mayor’s office and the prosecutor’s office asking them to take action against the company and filed a lawsuit in the economic court. The court issued a decision to discontinue work and eliminate the illegal construction object.