16:19 / 06.02.2021
New khokims appointed for Kuva and Yazyavan districts

Today, February 6, a special session of the Kuva district council of people’s deputies was held. Kun.uz correspondent reports.

Khalimjon Umarov and Dilshod Jalilov

The session was attended by khokim of Fergana region Khayrulla Bozorov, First Deputy State Adviser to the President of Uzbekistan Kakhramon Kuranbayev.

An organizational issue was considered at the session. Khalimjon Umarov has been confirmed as khokim of the Kuva district.

Prior to his appointment, Umarov worked as deputy khokim of Fergana region for agriculture and water resources.

Also, today the Yazyavan district council of people’s deputies confirmed Dilshod Jalilov as khokim of the district.

According to the Fergana regional administration, Dilshod Jalilov has been the director-general of the Fergana Regional Electric Networks Enterprise.

He was born in 1980 in Fergana. He graduated from the Fergana Polytechnic Institute, the Academy of State and Social Construction under the President.

Yesterday, at an extraordinary session of the Fergana regional council of people’s deputies with the participation of the President, khokims of Kuva and Yazyavan districts were dismissed for shortcomings in their work.