20:44 / 12.02.2021
Minister criticizes rectors for not paying enough attention to dormitories

A meeting for senior staff of the Higher and Secondary Specialized Education Ministry was held via videoconference this week.

According to audio materials circulated on social media, Minister Abduqodir Toshkulov, during the meeting, sharply criticized the rectors of universities for not paying enough attention to dormitories.

“Dear colleagues, go up to the roof, go down to the basement, visit the dormitories.

Why shouldn’t you bring a couple of washing machines for students to use in dormitories? Who’s stopping you from buying a bag of washing powder for them? They pay 80 million, some 46 million, and some at least 10 million soums. They should get quality service for the money they pay.

I pay particular attention to the sanitary facilities (toilets). I may visit and check all the toilets. Because wherever you go abroad, there is a good renovation and perfect cleanliness in the public catering and sanitary facilities. From now on, we will pay serious attention to such things,” the Minister said.