15:57 / 16.02.2021
Uzbekistan’s gold and foreign exchange reserves declining

The international reserves of Uzbekistan as of February 1 amounted to $34.3 billion, follows from the Central Bank data.

After a sharp increase at the end of 2020, the reserves have begun to decline again. As of February 1, the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves decreased by $584.2 million to $34 billion 319.8 million.

For comparison, as of January 1, 2021, the official reserve assets of Uzbekistan amounted to $34.9 billion.

According to the Central Bank, the decrease in international reserves was due to a reduction in foreign currency assets.

The methodology for calculating gold and foreign exchange reserves is based on the standards of the International Monetary Fund.

As of February 1, 2021, the country’s gold reserves amounted to $20.28 billion, foreign exchange assets – $13.65 billion.