22:01 / 04.03.2021
Tourist resort to be built near Tuyabuguz Reservoir 

Chen Min Chi, head of the Chinese company LINYI INVESTMENT GROUP, plans to implement 3 investment projects in Tashkent region.

Khokim of Tashkent region Davron Khidoyatov met with Chen Min Chi, head of the Chinese company LINYI INVESTMENT GROUP.

According to the information service of the Tashkent regional administration, 3 investment projects were discussed at the meeting.

It is planned to build a recreation area for local and foreign tourists on the 7-hectare area of the Tuyabuguz Reservoir (known as the Tashkent Sea), which is located in the territory of the Urta Chirchik district.

In the first phase of the project, $2.5 million will be invested and about 100 jobs will be created.

In addition, the launch of an ecotourism project in a 36-hectare land in the Kibray district was discussed during the meeting. The cost of the project, which will be implemented in the Chinabad mahalla of the Kibray district, is $1 million. 50 jobs will be created.

It was also agreed to implement a project for the production of aerated concrete in the Yukori Chirchik district. Under this project, the Chinese investor Guding Invest will build an aerated concrete plant on 2 hectares of land with an investment of $6 million.