15:54 / 09.03.2021
Uzbekistan to host Asian SAMBO Championships
Foto: Anvar Ilyasov

Uzbekistan will replace Indonesia as the host of the Asian SAMBO Championships.

The SAMBO Union of Asia has held an online meeting. It was attended by the leadership of the organization, members of the executive committee and representatives of national associations.

During the virtual meeting, the President of the SAMBO Union of Asia, Alamjon Mullayev, presented the plan of important tournaments for the year. He noted that SAMBO is expected to be included in the Asian Youth Games 2025, to be held in Tashkent.

“Another important issue for us is that the 2021 Asian Championships will be held in Tashkent in June. The tournament was to be held in Indonesia, but because the country hosts beach games this year, it was decided to move the tournament to another country,” the SAMBO Association of Uzbekistan informed.

Also, an annual Congress and an election conference of the SAMBO Union of Asia will be held during the tournament.