19:57 / 13.03.2021
“It is not planned to take 1,000-soum banknotes out of circulation” – Central Bank

There are no plans to take 1,000-soum banknotes out of circulation in the near future. This was announced by the head of the Cash Circulation Department of the Central Bank Fazliddin Bozorov.

He noted that the 1,000-soum banknote was issued in 2001 and that most of them had been in circulation for a long time and became obsolete.

“Banknotes of this value are still being issued and put into circulation on demand. However, as ATMs use banknotes of higher face value, the circulation of 1,000-soum banknotes is affected considerably. This is a natural process,” Bozorov said.

According to him, the Central Bank is constantly working to optimize the range of cash in circulation, withdraw obsolete ones from circulation and replace them with new banknotes and coins.

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