23:28 / 19.03.2021
Mirziyoyev speaks about corruption cases in Tashkent region

On March 19, the President took part in an extraordinary session of the Tashkent regional council of people’s deputies.

At the meeting, the head of state spoke about the facts of corruption in the region, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

“The Prosecutor-General himself studied the situation with corruption and told me what is going on here. According to him, the law has no power in Tashkent region. For example, it is reported that an individual proposed $3 thousand to be elected as a deputy, and such cases are not rare. There were times when we punished everyone involved in such crimes, but there was no result. However, this does not mean that people may violate the law. I will not let this happen. I’m currently observing and monitoring, I have all the necessary information,” Mirziyoyev said.