17:52 / 27.03.2021
Self-employed people in Uzbekistan may be allowed to engage in e-commerce

The State Tax Committee has analyzed the proposals received from the population and entrepreneurs on the draft presidential decree “On improving the administration of e-commerce and creating favorable conditions for its further development”.

In the course of the analysis, special attention was paid to the proposals of the public to significantly simplify the procedure for implementing electronic commerce.

The result of the analytical work was a number of changes and additions made to the developed project, the STC notes.

In particular, in order to liberalize the procedure for implementing e-commerce and involve the general public in entrepreneurship, the State Tax Committee decided to include in the developed draft a norm granting the right to self-employed persons to engage in e-commerce.

According to Article 369 of the Tax Code, income received as a result of the labor activity of self-employed persons is not subject to personal income tax, they pay, on a voluntary basis, social tax in the amount of at least 1 BCA (245 thousand soums for 2021) a year.

The project itself provides for a number of other incentive measures aimed at developing e-commerce. In particular, the reduction of income tax and turnover tax rates for all business entities engaged in e-commerce by 50%, regardless of the amount of income received from e-commerce, as well as providing young entrepreneurs with an interest-free grace period for paying taxes.