20:51 / 24.04.2021
“Khokimiyats illegally allocated 106 thousand hectares of land in 2020” – Prosecutor General’s Office

In 2020, illegal decisions of khokims on the allocation of 106 thousand hectares of land plots were canceled, Prosecutor General Nigmatilla Yuldashev said in his report at the Senate plenary session.

“547 officials who violated the law were brought to administrative and disciplinary responsibility. 359 cases related to land theft were initiated. The issue of bringing the perpetrators to justice is being resolved.

For example, the deputy khokim of the Kibray district, Mashrabov, received a bribe of $15 thousand for the allocation of 10 hectares of land to a local entrepreneur. In addition, he allocated another 10 hectares to the Sano Mega Stroy society from different territories of the region under the pretext of establishing vegetable-growing greenhouses. Later, he sold this land plot for $60 thousand.

In the Zangiata district, the manager of the Semurg farm, Tokhirov, agreed to sell hectares of irrigated land to citizen Pyatrikov for $380 thousand, and was caught red-handed while receiving $50 thousand,” Kun.uz correspondent quotes Nigmatilla Yuldashev as saying.

Reportedly, in 2018-2019, 56 thousand hectares of land were allocated illegally by khokimiyats. This year’s figures show that the crime rate in this direction has almost doubled.