21:51 / 11.05.2021
9 regions report a decrease in vegetable oil prices 

The Center for Economic Research and Reform has conducted an analysis of the changes in prices in Uzbekistan for basic food products for the period from April 28 to May 5, 2021.

The recent surge in prices, caused by increased demand for vegetable oil in the foreign market and, as a result, the desire of entrepreneurs to get high profit, led to the introduction of market-stabilizing measures by the state. As monitoring shows, actions taken are already yielding results.

According to the State Statistics Committee, the average price of vegetable oil decreased by 0.5% to 19,104 soums per liter and ranged from 17,218 soums per liter in Andijan region to 20,596 soums per liter in Tashkent.

9 regions reported a decrease in prices for vegetable oil. The largest was recorded in Navoi (2.4%) and Samarkand (2.2%) regions.

In terms of districts, the largest decrease in price per liter of vegetable oil is registered in Vobkent (by 8.3%), Turtkul (by 6.3%), Jomboy (by 5.5%), Ellikkala (by 5.4%), Pahtachi (by 5.1%) and Mirzachul (by 5%) districts.

Lower prices for vegetable oil indicate stabilization of the domestic market.

Below are changes in prices for beef, milk, eggs, potatoes, rice, wheat flour and sugar.

During the period under review, average prices increased for beef (by 0.4% to 61 thousand soums per kg), potatoes (by 1.6% to 4,655 soums per kg), eggs (by 0.1% to 10,761 soums per dozen), wheat flour (by 0.1% to 4,839 soums per kg) and sugar (by 0.5% to 8,309 soums per kg).

In terms of regions, the largest price increase was recorded for:

  • beef in Navoi (1.7%) and Surkhandarya (1.8%) regions;
  • milk in Tashkent (0.8%);
  • eggs in Tashkent region (1.1%), Karakalpakstan (0.8%);
  • potatoes in Khorezm (7.9%), Tashkent (by 6.1%), Samarkand (4.2%) regions;
  • rice in Syrdarya (0.9%) and Tashkent (0.8%) regions;
  • wheat flour in Andijan (3.5%) and Khorezm (1.4%) regions;
  • sugar in Surkhandarya region (3.3%), Tashkent (1.8%);

The decrease in average prices was recorded for milk (by 0.2% to 6,102 soums per liter), rice (by 0.1% to 10,169 per kg), vegetable oil (by 0.5% to 19,104 soums per liter).

In terms of regions, the largest decrease in prices was recorded for:

  • beef in Tashkent (0.5%), Karakalpakstan (0.2%);
  • milk in Bukhara (2.4%), Samarkand (by 2.2%) regions, Karakalpakstan (2.3%);
  • eggs in Jizzak (1.4%), Andijan (by 0.7%), Samarkand (0.5%)
  • potatoes in Andijan (2.7%), Bukhara (2.2%);
  • rice in Andijan (1.2%), Navoi (0.4%) regions, Tashkent (0.8%);
  • wheat flour in Namangan (3.1%), Navoi (0.8%) regions;
  • sugar in Samarkand (2.3%), Khorezm (0.8%), Navoi (0.5%).