18:48 / 20.05.2021
Uzbekistan to establish Agency for Promoting Foreign Language Learning

The President has signed a decree “On measures to raise the popularization of learning foreign languages to a qualitatively new level”.

According to the document, an agency to promote the study of foreign languages will be created under the Cabinet of Ministers.

The main tasks of the Agency are defined as:

- Creating the necessary conditions for promoting foreign language learning among the population, coordinating the implementation of internationally recognized programs and textbooks on teaching foreign languages at all stages of education, and the development of modern teaching skills among teachers;
- Organizing language trainings based on the results of the analysis of the needs of regions, industries and educational institutions;
- Coordinating development of language teaching methods and recommendations suitable for all categories of the population with a view to introducing a continuing education chain in foreign languages on the principle of “kindergarten - school - higher educational institution - enterprise,” etc.

The document says that the maximum number of the management staff of the Agency is 73 members, including 31 people in the central office and 42 – in the regional offices of the Agency.

The Agency and its representatives consist of 34 staff members of the national scientific and practical center for the development of innovative methods for teaching foreign languages at the Uzbek State University of World Languages and 39 staff members of the Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education.

The director of the Agency and his deputies are appointed and dismissed by a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers.