13:34 / 22.05.2021
Former NSS building receives 3 proposals in bidding

The State Tender Commission held on May 21 its next meeting. It was attended by members of the commission and entrepreneurs who submitted proposals for the purchase of state assets.

According to the State Assets Management Agency, a total of 16 bids were received for 6 of the major assets put up for public auction. In particular, “Malika” shopping mall, “Ichan Qala” hotel and “Kyzyl Suv Sport Soglomlashtirish” LLC received 2 offers, “Poytakht Business Complex” LLC and “Central Building Territory” (former NSS building) received 3.

After that, the closed envelopes presented by the bidders were opened in the presence of members of the State Tender Commission, bidders and media representatives.

Now, within 5 working days, the working body will study whether the proposals received from the bidders are in line with the terms of trade in state assets, and whether the proposed draft business concept for future use is acceptable or not.

The working group prepares its report and submits it to the State Tender Commission for consideration, and information on whether or not it passed the second stage will be announced. Individual messages will be sent to each applicant.

Earlier, it was reported that the former headquarters of the National Security Service, located in Tashkent, Yunusabad district, on Sayilgoh Street, was put up for public auction.