22:46 / 24.05.2021
Kun.uz becomes brand of the year by consumers’ choice

A list of the best Uzbek brands in 2020 has been announced.

On May 22, Tashkent hosted the international business event MAKON Marketing Forum 2021. Experts from Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia shared their personal experience and advice on developing their activities in a difficult period for the business.

 “The main task of the forum is to create a professional platform so that once a year local and foreign speakers with real experience and knowledge share their cases and observations from the previous year with our most active marketers and entrepreneurs,” said Diyor Mirzaakhmedov, chairman of the National Marketing Center and organizer of the forum.

Speakers’ presentations at the forum were broadcast live on the MAKON Marketing YouTube channel.

 At the end of the event, the Antimonopoly Committee and the National Marketing Center awarded the winners of the Brand of the year 2020 Award.

For the fourth year, the Brand of the Year prize is awarded to the most active companies and organizations in the Uzbek market. Winners are determined based on the votes of consumers and experts.

 The Kun.uz site for the fourth time recognized as the winner in the nomination “Brand of the Year” among news websites by choice of consumers.

 The Gazeta.uz website, meanwhile, became the winner in this nomination according to experts.

 Brands were divided into 24 categories, and more than 200 thousand consumers voted for their favorite companies from April 16 to May 14 through a Telegram-bot. The survey, conducted in parallel among partners and experts of the National Marketing Center, involved more than 160 respondents.

2020 best brands in Uzbekistan

Energy drinks

Choice of consumers: FLASH

 Choice of experts: ADRENALIN RUSH

Carbonated soft drinks

Choice of consumers: Coca Cola

Choice of experts: Coca Cola

 Drinking mineral water

Choice of consumers: Hydrolife

Choice of experts: Montella

 Washing powders

 Choice of Consumer: Ariel

 Choice of Experts: Persil

 Confectionery products

 Choice of Consumers: Nestle

 Choice of experts: Mars

 Sausage products

Choice of Consumer: Rozmetov

 Choice of Experts: Promeat


Choice of consumers: Safia Café & Bakery

 Choice of experts: Chaykof

 Restaurants and cafes

Choice of consumers: EVOS

Choice of experts: EVOS

 Food suppliers

 Choice of consumers: Express 24

 Choice of experts: Express 24

 Household appliances

 Choice of consumers: Samsung

 Choice of experts: Samsung

 Stores selling household appliances in installments and on credit

 Choice of consumers: Ishonch

 Choice of experts: Texnomart


 Choice of consumers: Chevrolet

 Choice of experts: Hyundai

 Insurance companies

 Choice of consumers: Gross Insurance, O’zbekinvest

 Choice of experts: Gross Insurance

 Payment systems

 Choice of consumers: Payme

 Choice of experts: Apelsin

 Foreign language training centers and courses

 Choice of consumers: Everest Academy

 Choice of experts: Cambridge Learning Center

 Business Courses

 Choice of consumers: Najot Ta'lim

 Choice of experts: Alpha Education

 Banking Services

 Choice of consumers: Hamkorbank

 Choice of experts: Kapitalbank

 Higher education institutions

 Choice of consumers: Yeoju Technical Institute, Kokand University

 Choice of experts: Tashkent International Westminster University

 Mobile operators

 Choice of consumers: Beeline

 Choice of experts: Humans


 Choice of consumers: Uzonline

 Choice of experts: Sarkor Telecom

 News websites

 Choice of consumers: Kun.uz

 Choice of experts: Gazeta.uz

 Private health centers

 Choice of consumers: Akfa Medline

 Choice of experts: Akfa Medline


 Choice of consumers: Murad Buildings

 Choice of experts: Golden House

 Food Retail

 Choice of consumers: Korzinka.uz

 Choice of experts: Korzinka.uz

 Special nominations

 For marketing support in Uzbekistan: Akfa Group

 Best Social Activity Bank: Kapitalbank

 Leader in implementing architectural concepts in the city: MJ Developers

 Insurance market leader in 2020 in Uzbekistan: O’zbekinvest

 For contribution to the development of marketing in Uzbekistan: Hasan Mamasaidov and Husan Mamasaidov (project MFaktor)

 Personality of the year (according to Marketing.uz): Samir Akhmetjanov (specialist in strategic marketing)

 Discovery of the Year: Havas Discounter Network

 For the highest social responsibility during the pandemic: HAYAT Medical Centre