22:20 / 26.05.2021
Beeline responds to UzReport TV accusations on copyright infringement 

Beeline Uzbekistan does not agree that the company is charged with copyright infringement and is ready to defend its position within the framework of the current legislation of the country. 

Previously, UzReport TV filed a lawsuit against Unitel (owns the Beeline trademark), accusing the mobile operator of copyright infringement due to the rebroadcast of the channel’s content in its mobile application without a prior agreement.

“In accordance with the license agreement concluded with the Ministry for ICT Development for the provision of television distribution networks services, “Uzbekistan Cable Television” LLC provides Unitel LLC services for the delivery of a “Single Signal” for rebroadcasting of TV channels on the “Beeline TV” platform,” the Beeline message reads. 

The company notes that “Uzbekistan Cable Television” LLC is a broadcaster of the “Single Signal” on the territory of Uzbekistan – a fixed package of television channels (broadcasts), consisting of TV products of the media, approved by the Interdepartmental Coordination Commission for the improvement and increase of the efficiency of information activities and data transmission in Uzbekistan.

The fixed package of TV channels provided by “Uzbekistan Cable Television” LLC also includes UzReport TV and Futbol TV content.

“According to the concluded agreement, Unitel LLC cannot independently change the fixed package of TV channels provided by “Uzbekistan Cable Television” LLC. However, we received a claim from UzReport IA LLC to stop retransmission of UzReport TV and Futbol TV content,” the company added. 

Beeline said that, if necessary, the company will present its arguments in court.

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